Welcome to Alaya Preschool

Alaya exists as a preschool in order to offer young children the warmth, nurturing and acceptance that allows them to trust and open to themselves and the challenges of the world. Alaya Preschool arises out of compassion: a caring for others. It is an expression of our dedication to inspire children to be genuine to their hearts, to appreciate honesty and straightforwardness, to have delight and joy in relationships, to develop and feel good about the personal effort and discipline of accomplishments, and to gain awareness of and relax with the play of the world.

"Alaya is a place where children unfold. They learn about themselves, about friendships, and about their world, putting things together and taking them apart. Acknowledging that every situation holds the key to fresh insight, the potential growth never diminishes or stagnates . . ." (1990, Patricia Scott)

“Alaya” is a Sanskrit word. “The notion of alaya is one of origin or storehouse. In the word ‘himalaya’, him means ‘snow’ and alaya means ‘mountain range’, ‘big with snow’. “Alaya” means there are big things happening, primordial things taking place. . . And that is what we are trying to do. It’s just a basic part of existence.” (Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, 1978, at the opening of Alaya Preschool.)