Schedules and Fees

School Year Schedules & Fees

Alaya’s year follows that of the Boulder Valley School District, starting in August and ending at the end of May. On most major holidays Alaya is closed. In addition, Alaya has a Summer session. School is closed for Winter, Spring, June and August breaks. See our calendar for specifics.

Non-Discrimination Policy Statement

Alaya Preschool welcomes students from diverse family situations of any race, color, religion, and ethnic origin.


Upon enrollment a Materials Fee of $250 per child is required in order to hold your child’s space. This fee is used primarily for facility improvements and to purchase large equipment. This fee is charged annually. 1) Monthly tuition is due and payable by the 1st of each month. Tuition rates are charged monthly and are based on a child’s weekly enrollment schedule. School year tuition is charged over 9 payments, September through May. Half of the September payment is due as a deposit on August 1st. Tuition payments are due by the 1st of each month and late after the 5th of the month. Tuition is based upon the operating costs of the school over the course of the year, and for this reason tuition amounts are the same each month regardless of the number of actual school days in a particular month. 2) Second Child Discount: Alaya offers a 10% discount to families who have more than one child in attendance. This discount applies to the child with the lesser tuition cost. 3) Social Service Families: Alaya maintains a contract with the City of Boulder Children’s Services for CCAP, CLIFF, and GAP Programs. Parents who receive assistance should speak to the directors and their case worker to determine eligibility.

In addition to the materials fee, Alaya requires participation in "Fall Environment Day" (one Saturday morning in September or October) and 10 Service Hours per family, per school year.  Both of these requirements have a fee option in lieu of participation.  Alaya is a non-profit organization.  Our "Environment Day" and Service Hour requirement supports our fundraising efforts, our facility maintenance and our ability to cultivate a scholarship fund.  Any unfulfilled Service Hours will be billed at the end of the school year at $20 per hour.  $60 will be charged in lieu of "Environment Day" attendance.

Fall 2016/2017 Tuition Rates - Tuition is charged over 9 equal monthly payments


Toddlers (Tiger), children turning two by September 30th 2015

Days AM (8:30-12:30)
5 mornings a week = $ 1,066
3 mornings a week = $ 669
2 mornings a week = $ 503
FULL (8:30-3:30)
5 full-days a week = $ 1,497
3 full-days a week = $ 977
2 full-days a week = $ 675

Preschool (Snow Lion and Garuda), children turning three and four by September 30th 2015

Days AM (8:30-1:00)
5 mornings a week = $ 924
3 mornings a week = $ 579
2 mornings a week = $ 450
FULL (8:30-3:30)
5 full-days a week = $ 1,337
3 full-days a week = $ 870
2 full-days a week = $ 615

Rates for additional drop-in times (generally on a space available basis) are available from the office.

Please call the office if you have further questions or to reserve space at an Information Meeting.